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Why franchising?


Radiology (medical imaging) is the cornerstone of medical diagnosis and the first critical step towards good medicine.

Many parties

Many parties (insurance companies, governments, NGO’s, hospital groups, investors) may be interested in setting up and operating state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging centers. However, the challenges involved in such an endeavor are many and may comprise lack of radiological know-how, lack of skilled medical staff, and lack of experience with specific administrative, organizational, technical and infrastructural requirements.

Proven concept

The Radiomatix franchise offer is based on a tried-and-tested radiology concept and enables local partners to own and operate top-level diagnostic centers or departments, without need for domain expertise, and independent on the local presence of high-level medical professionals.

Why radiomatix franchise?

Turnkey operation solution

The Radiomatix turnkey operation solution consists of a unique modular portfolio of services that can be adapted to the unique situation and preferences of each franchise partner.

Most difficult challenges in radiology

By focusing on the most difficult challenges in radiology, Radiomatix takes away your headache and enables you to become a successful operator of radiology diagnostic centers and departments.


Thanks to efficient processes and a global network of experts, Radiomatix franchise minimizes the costs of high-end diagnostic imaging whilst at the same time increasing the level of quality and service.

Enhance productivity

Besides basic solutions for infrastructure, medical technology, IT technology and the efficient management and operation of the centers with the aid of a global expert network, Radiomatix offers several unique solutions, comprising:
  • Proprietary tools enabling selection of the best imaging protocol in each individual patient
  • Unique solutions for standardized reporting
  • Unique tools for quality optimization of radiology reporting
  • A unique point-of-care integrated diagnostic support system for radiologists

More info

For more information on the Radiomatix solutions, click here.

Advantages as a partner with our modular franchise model.

  • Opportunities for high returns in an international growth market.
  • Opportunity to easily, quickly and professionally set-up a diagnostic chain in your country, even without already being a player in the healthcare sector.
  • Opportunity to setup and operate imaging centers in remote areas.
  • Opportunity to use time-proven state-of-the-art inventive methods and systems for optimization of workflow, patient throughput, image acquisition quality, image postprocessing quality, reporting quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Opportunity to be linked to a global network of radiology experts.
  • Opportunity to have access to a large set of tools offering you sustainable competitive advantage, both in terms of medical quality and financial results.
  • Opportunity to finetune the collaboration with Radiomatix over time in function of changing local needs.
  • Opportunity to receive territorial protection.

Modular franchise model

  • The services provided by Radiomatix consist of basic services and optional services.
  • The basic services represent the core of the Radiomatix turnkey operator solution and are essential for successful operations.
  • Optional services are those that can be requested based on local needs or preference of local partners.
  • As such, Radiomatix provides a modular service offer that is tailored to the needs of each partner.

Radiomatix basic and optional services

  • Radiomatix has identified all process steps in the radiology workflow (registration, appointment planning, scanning, postprocessing, reporting, report delivery, communication,…). The Radiomatix central software systems are designed to provide (inexperienced) employees with an operations manual that gives detailed guidance and support during every step in the workflow.
  • The following tools are provided for medical workflow optimization in each patient:
    • + RIS enabling workflow management from reception to report delivery
    • + Tool for case-based conversion of an imaging request into a process identifier instance
    • + Database of optimal image acquisition and postprocessing protocols for each process identifier instance
    • + Tool for automated evaluation of adherence to acquisition and postprocessing protocols
    • + Database of optimal image evaluation checklists for each process identifier instance
    • + Tools & procedures for emergency management
    • + Tool for automated assignment of cases to readers with right credentials and availability
    • + Tools for web-based access with the highest security standards
    • + PACS infrastructure for local readers and teleradiologists
    • + Diagnostic support system linked to elements in the image evaluation checklist
    • + Tool for time-efficient standardized reporting
    • + Tool for automated blinded double reading
    • + Tool for automated calculation of discrepancy ratings per radiologist
    • + Tools for communication (referring doctors & patients)
    • + Providing information for automated inventory management
    • + Providing information for automated billing
  • Providing in-depth training on the use of the system to local chief technologist, chief radiologist and site manager
  • Operational monitoring and support, IT support, and consulting services
  • Quality assurance and audits
  • Optional services are listed below and are provided by Radiomatix or Radiomatix service partners.
  • Site analysis and design planning
    • + Radiomatix delivers an extensive design plan in addition to approval for the installation of the planned high-end diagnostics equipment.
  • Construction works and project management
    • + Together with you, we select the right general contractor to build the infrastructure. Radiomatix also supervises the construction phase, ensuring on the one hand that design specifications are adhered to by the general contractor during construction for the franchisee and, on the other, that set dates and budgets are met. A regular exchange of information and coordination with the franchisee are important components of our service commitment.
  • Procurement of furnishing
    • + Radiomatix provides specifications for all furnishing (IT hardware, periphery devices and furniture for your diagnostic platforms. This ensures unified, functional and design-orientated diagnostic centers all independent of the location of initial start-up. All products can be delivered by a supplier specified by Radiomatix.
  • Procurement/provision of medical equipment
    • + As an alternative to investing in medical devices, Radiomatix can also offer you the option of supplying the devices, including full service contract, specific to your country or project within the scope of an annual flat-rate user fee.
  • Servicing of equipment
  • IT
    • + General IT infrastructure
    • + IT support
    • + HL7 and other integrations
  • Staff
    • + Providing radiographers and receptionists
      • - In addition, the staff are trained on a regular basis by Radiomatix experts and integrated into the global Radiomatix network.
    • + Access to a global network of teleradiologists
      • - As a Radiomatix franchise partner, you profit from technical and organisational integration into a worldwide expert network and thus also have the option of transferring images acquired through your Radiomatix diagnostics platforms to radiology experts and receiving their medical reports. It is also possible to obtain a second opinion in this way.
  • Management
    • + General center management
    • + Management of medical staff
    • + Management of non-medical staff
    • + Inventory management
  • Patient scheduling
  • Marketing