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Become a Radiomatix partner

Below you have an overview of the different kinds of partnerships with a more elaborate explanation on the bottom of this page.

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Radiomatix for investors, funds and PE/VC companies

  • As an investor in the growth market of diagnostic imaging you benefit from attractive returns with the help of a structured and tried and tested turnkey business model.
  • We take away the headache from you by providing tools that enable optimization of workflow and medical quality.
  • With Radiomatix you can…
    • + Expand your investment portfolio through investing in an highly scalable asset-based business model in the healthcare sector that will generate attractive returns.
    • + Minimise risks thanks to collaboration with an organization specialized in tackling the business-specific challenges.

Radiomatix for insurance companies

  • As a health insurance company, you can achieve forward integration into the value-creation chain and generate additional profits through diagnostic imaging services for your insured persons.
  • You can offer your insured standardized cost-effective and high quality diagnostics, regardless of the local circumstances and local staffing.
  • Moreover, you can offer your insured persons additional services and insurance packages based on high-end diagnostic imaging services, e.g. second opinions by selected international radiology experts.

Radiomatix for governments and NGO's

  • As a government you can guarantee your citizens a comprehensive improvement in the provision of radiology services – regardless of existing infrastructure and the locally available personnel resources.
  • Thanks to the implementation of the Radiomatix turnkey solution, you can offer more diagnostic examinations for your population – at the same budget – than would be possible for you through your own activities.
  • Moreover, nation-wide specialist knowledge can be introduced into your country and sustainable high-end diagnostics can be offered in places where, up to now, this seemed to be impossible.
  • As NGO you can overcome a lack of medical and technical knowledge and quickly ensure diagnostic care in places where, up to now, this seemed to be impossible.

Radiomatix for hospitals

  • As a chain of hospitals or a physicians you can establish a new diagnostic imaging center chain, or expand or reorganize existing radiology departments, quickly and cost-efficiently.
  • Radiomatix franchise offers you a comprehensive and well-established concept from planning to implementation.

Advantages for you as a franchise partner

  • Opportunities for high returns in an international growth market.
  • Opportunity to easily, quickly and professionally set-up a diagnostic chain in your country, even without already being a player in the healthcare sector.
  • Opportunity to setup and operate imaging centers in remote areas.
  • Opportunity to use time-proven state-of-the-art inventive methods and systems for optimization of workflow, patient throughput, image acquisition quality, image postprocessing quality, reporting quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Opportunity to be linked to a global network of radiology experts.
  • Opportunity to have access to a large set of tools offering you sustainable competitive advantage, both in terms of medical quality and financial results.

Radiomatix for radiologists

  • Being a radiologist is becoming increasingly complicated and challenging. For radiologists working in isolation or in small groups, it can be difficult to keep up with increasing demands and rapid technological change.
  • Radiologists working within a Radiomatix franchise environment become part of a bigger community and enjoy several advantages, including access to:
    • + A global database of continuously updated case-specific optimized imaging procedures
    • + Tools for facilitated structured reporting
    • + Point-of-care diagnostic help
    • + A network of experts available for case discussion and peer review
    • + Community-building events
  • Moreover, radiologists may expand their horizon and opt to subspecialize and work as a teleradiologist for several centers